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Notice of Chinese New Year holidays in 2021

Dear pinshang customers

The Chinese Spring Festival in 2021 is coming. After discussion, our company has decided to take the following holiday arrangements:

1. Spring Festival holiday time: January 31 - February 22, a total of 23 days. On February 23, all staff returned to work.

2. January 25 is the last deadline (the payment information submitted before 5:00 p.m. shall prevail). If the time exceeds, the order processing shall be arranged after the holiday

3. During the holidays, our website can be browsed normally. After returning to work, we will process orders according to the order of payment

(Note: since January, the factory will shut down one after another, and our goods will not be replenished normally. At this time, the stock of goods will be seriously out of stock. It is suggested that you make arrangements for stock this morning.)

Finally, I wish you a happy new year, prosperous business and a happy family!

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